Neve campbell and denise richards wild things

The risque scene Denise Richards won't let her kids watch

neve campbell and denise richards wild things
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Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in Wild Things

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The year-old actress starred as Kelly Lanier Van Ryan in the erotic thriller which had a number of raunchy scenes including one particularly memorable moment when she and her co-star Neve Campbell - who played Suzie Toller - passionately kiss in a swimming pool whilst undressing one another.
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The Shiterion Collection

It all begins with the folks both behind and in front of the camera. - Skip to main content.

An "uncut" version, adding seven minutes to its runtime, was released on DVD in and includes a change to Kelly and Suzie's relationship. Miami area high school guidance counselor Sam Lombardo is accused of rape by two female students, wealthy and popular Kelly Van Ryan and poor outcast Suzie Toller.
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  1. Starring Denise Richards as a teenaged femme fatale, the film follows Matt Dillon's character, a high school guidance counselor, through a series of events that land him in the hot seat.

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