Did selena and justin have sex

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Selena Gomez Admits to Love, Sex with Justin Bieber

did selena and justin have sex
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Selena Gomez opens up at length about Justin Bieber and her past romance with him in the latest issue of Style Magazine., The star also apologises again for his bad boy behaviour and is reunited with Mally the monkey during his Comedy Central Roast

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Broke Up. Now What?

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The pop hunk, 17, and his Disney actress sweetheart, 19, held hands and cuddled for the cameras after landing in Belfast for the bash. Justin and Selena were hit by rumours they were on the brink of splitting after he was accused of having sex in a backstage toilet. Justin is definitely the father. A pal said she first claimed an ex- boyfriend, John Terranova, was the biological dad, then said it could be a lover she named only as Steve.

I have no idea why Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no longer together. I guess it doesn't really matter; judging by a recent interview he gave, he doesn't either--his comment on the matter was literally just, "To even assess that is… doesn't make sense because I have not made any comment. Despite his unwavering stance on remaining vague regarding his personal life, Justin Bieber's existence begs for explanation, even when he has nothing to say for himself. Especially when he has nothing to say for himself. Justin Bieber is important because he is the most famous male human under the age of twenty.

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