Moana and maui having sex

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moana and maui having sex
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See the First Clip From Disney's New Animated Movie "Moana"

Like in all Disney Princess movies, all disney princesses exept Merida and Elsa find love. Why do you want every Disney character to have a love interest, anyway?

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Moana Deleted Scenes - Cast Reveal Unseen Disney Song ‘Warrior Face’

Maui growled from the depths of his throat, only growing in his anger .. itching sensation in his fingertips as her sex appeal overwhelmed him.
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The adrenaline that races through your veins, sending your nerves into a lull as your muscles and reflexes work together to succeed the task, giving you the strength and agility of someone--something--inhuman sends signals to your brain that you are stronger, faster, lighter, and smarter than you ever were before. - I'm Moana of the Moana Litter!

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After Brave completely corrupted the Disney princess narrative, and Frozen brutally murdered the trope of Prince Charming I had pretty much given up hope that I could even sit through another new Disney princess movie without banging my head repeatedly against the wall until it bled. But, when it came time to write Saving Cinderella , I felt I had to watch Moana in order to decide if it ought to be included in the book. So I watched it. With Brave and Frozen , Disney was intentionally and overtly pushing a very specific message: men are dumb, who needs them? So, when I heard that Moana has no love interest at all, I was initially certain she was another feminist manifesto walking around pretending to be a Disney princess.

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