Armpit and boobs

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Will I need surgery on my armpit?

armpit and boobs
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An Exercise for That Weird Boob-Armpit Pudge

Is it part of your breast? Your armpit? Eh, who really cares when you know this: You can get rid of the annoying roll right next to your bra strap.
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Pain Under Right Breast

Genelle Billings was told by a lactation consultant that her extra boob would not produce milk - they were wrong., Breast cancer is the second most common cause of death for British women - and the threat is rising.

If you have that fat under your arms, how would you feel? This excess fat is commonly called armpit fat, or underarm bulge, underarm fat, armpit lump, armpit bulge, or armpit fat hang etc. There are many factors that cause armpit fat. It could be a genetic trait for some people. If you know your mother, aunt and grandmother all had this issue, then you should not be surprised that you have this problem also.

When Chrissy Teigen admitted earlier this month that she had her armpit fat sucked out nine years ago, I felt…empathy. I mean, not that much — she's a celebrity who in the same interview admitted that she never washes her face at night, and with her gorgeous skin, that makes me want to throat punch her a little.

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