Daffy duck and martian queen

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Queen Tyr'ahnee

daffy duck and martian queen

daffy duck

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Duck Dodgers [Count Muerte's Girls]

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The series aired on Cartoon Network.
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Queen Tyr'ahnee is the queen of Mars in the Duck Dodgers series and the loyal leader of the Martian empire. She had an on and off relationship with captain Duck Dodgers , saying that he is brave and heroic. She's clearly displayed affection towards him on several occasions, yet she has also been known to despise him.

Queen Tyr'ahnee , better known as the Martian Queen , is the main antagonist of the animated series Duck Dodgers. She does not appear in the original "Looney Tunes" shorts, but rather as a regular on the animated series based on one of those shorts. This white-haired Martian is the ruler of Mars, and is obviously of the same species as her army commander, X-2 the alias of Marvin the Martian , who works for her.

I believe they belong to Warner Brothers, or something to that end. Well, I haven't posted up story chapters since January and I felt so bored. I want to continue my first fic of Yu Yu Hakusho , but I just don't have the drive, and memory, to continue it. Maybe someday I'll work on it again and revive it from hiatus once I'm back into it, but I guess it was just a phase. My interests jump back and forth, never settling on one thing.

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  1. This is a list of characters from the American animated television series Duck Dodgers.

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