Cocaine and anal sex

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cocaine and anal sex
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Cocaine Blonde Horny

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Anal intercourse occurred on days when women also reported using illicit drugs, specifically methamphetamine and cocaine. Anal intercourse was not an.
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An Electronic Daily Diary Study of Anal Intercourse in Drug-Using Women

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Photos courtesy of the author. If drugs are your thing, is a great time to be alive. The US seems to be full steam ahead on inevitable marijuana legalization, Vermont is now looking at heroin abuse as a health problem rather than a criminal offense, and the public stigma of using harder party drugs seems to fade day by day. But with this new frontier of drug Perestroika comes a new set of challenges, and for some users, the chief among those seems to be boredom with the old delivery methods. In a recent lengthy thread on an infamous and private Facebook group for women in Southern California, users mentioned getting cocaine blown—literally blown, not inserted—up their butts.

Crack is processed coacaine, which has been heated and mixed with baking soda or in rarer cases other compounds.

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