Lopunny and lucario love story

Lopunny And Lucario Love Story

lopunny and lucario love story

lopunny vs lucario (in ring breeding)

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This is my first Pokemon lemon I haven't written one a lemon in ages, because I felt outta practice and because I'm scared of being banned on DA and here on

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Joel is the yoga instructor of Annie. She shows off how flexible she's become in a very sexy way. It was a beautiful day outside as a Lopunny steps outside in a workout outfit. She had a blue tank top on with white shorts that hugged her slim body. She prepared the yoga mat for her and her instructer and set the tape for the workout.

Second story of the Unusual PokeCouples trio. This is considered to be unusual on Fanfiction, but DeviantArt says something different. This is shorter than last. Please enjoy, review, and flame, if you please. Even a punching bag had its limits.

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