Leela and amy lesbian

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leela and amy lesbian
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News Feed. Futurama: Merry-go-round By Phil Hermes started walking along a gallery of still scenes from the history of Futurama. It feature scenes of utter debauchery mon.
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Amy Kroker

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Kroker Kif's parents. Amy used to be rather overweight as a child because she had an insatiable appetite. She was later able to lose all the weight and is currently able to control herself as an adult. However, she can lose control very easily such as in " The Prisoner of Benda " where she reverted to becoming fat and put Turanga Leela 's body in bad shape when they switched bodies. Amy is a young Mars University student who divides her time between her studies as an engineering student and her internship at Planet Express - a post she got because she happens to be the same blood type as Professor Hubert J. In the episode " That Darn Katz!

She works as an intern at Planet Express supposedly kept around because she shares Professor Farnsworth's blood type , and doesn't notice the Professor's tendency to send his crews on suicide missions. She is the ditzy, spoiled daughter of wealthy agriculturalist-industrialist Han Chinese rancher parents who raise buggalo on Mars. A graduate student for most of the series' run, in season six, she earns her Ph. By the end of the series, she is the "fonfon ru" [ vague ] of Kif Kroker and is the adoptive mother of his Offspring. Cohen decided that she would be something of a klutz. Groening was interested in exploring the idea of using slapstick comedy and physical humor with a female character, since most of this humor was done by male characters in his previous work, The Simpsons. Amy's personality was initially different; Lauren Tom has stated that she was originally supposed to be "a car mechanic, really tough lesbian sort of character".

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  1. Description: Tired, Leela turned off the television, turned off all the lights and sat back down.

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