High heels and nothing else

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{video} High heels and chocolate cake (and Victoria Beckham)

high heels and nothing else
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Naughty blonde loves posing in high heels and nothing else

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Wearing high heels teaches men nothing about being a woman

Men In Heels? I Put the Tricky Trend to the Test

If you are between sizes, then stick with your original shoe size. Wear them, wash them, and put them back into the small box that fits perfectly into your handbag.
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Balancing oneself for a long ride with nothing but your own two legs, as the hurdling stops threaten to propel you across the train, is a familiar struggle for many New Yorkers. Why, you ask, did I pick such non-commuter friendly shoes to grace the MTA this particular morning?

Jodi looks great in nothing but high heels

This may be symbolic of putting themselves in the shoes of women. But wearing high heels have nothing to do with being a woman. High-heeled shoes are really another way of oppressing women who are made to believe that high heels are sexy and attractive to men. High heels are hard to walk in and impossible to run in.

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