Bella and edward dating fanfiction

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bella and edward dating fanfiction
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Author's Note: Our inspirations are, as usual, posted in our profile. Keywords are Disclaimer: If there was any possibility that we owned Stephenie Meyer's books, Twilight or New Moon, or any of her characters, we would not be writing and posting here.
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This is my second fan fic on Twilight and I hope you like itů be easy, it's only the second! Disclaimer: Ok I defiantly don't own Twilight; I'm not smart enough to write an awesome book.

Bella asked her friend Jessica. "Oh, that's Edward Cullen. I wouldn't bother with him though because he doesn't date girls from this school.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of it's characters. During the ride to the Cullens' after school, Debussy playing quietly in the background, Edward broke the silence.

Please review if you like it so far. I plan on it being a little more fluffy that previous stories. Hope you Enjoy! Alice was dead. I was tired of her trying to set me up on dates with random women who couldn't carry a half way decent conversation. Tonight had been the last straw. Tonight's catastrophe was named Jessica.

Date Night. Edward decided that we needed to act like a normal couple and actually go out on dates instead on hanging out at each others houses all the time. We both may be peaceful homebodies but that didn't mean we couldn't play. So here we are at Oven Spoonful in Port Angeles on a Saturday night with me making strange noises as I eat my sandwich and Edward pretening to eat his. I couldn't stop the giggle that came when Edward scrunched up his face in disgust at the food. Plus remember once upon a time before your diet you used to love stuff like this too.

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