Dating attitudes and behavior

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The influence of sex and sex role on the dating attitudes and behavior of Australian youth.

dating attitudes and behavior
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Attitudes and Dating Aggression: A Cognitive Dissonance Approach

While researchers have long examined the dating and mate selection patterns among young adults, the vast majority have utilized Western samples. - Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper.

Dating relationships and infidelity: attitudes and behaviors.

Dating attitudes and expectations among young Chinese adults: an examination of gender differences

Using data gathered from a sixty-three item dating and mate-selection questionnaire completed by two hundred and eighty student and nonstudent respondents, this study investigates the differences between what people believe is proper premarital sexual behavior, what they do and what they think others are doing at five stages of dating. It was found that persons are most restrictive in what they believe is proper conduct, more permissive in their reported behavior, and most permissive in their perception of what others are doing. During the early stages of dating, males and females differ widely in their outlook as to what is proper behavior and also in their reported behavior. Other studies which failed to take dating stage into consideration may have missed important gender differences in the early period of dating. PIP: Using data gathered from a item dating and mate-selection questionnaire completed by student and nonstudent respondents, in Southern New England, US, this study investigates the differences between what people believe is proper premarital sexual behavior, and what they think others are doing at 5 stages of dating. It was inspired by the suggestions of several other studies and general observations: that young people in the s are more conservative in their general outlook, and possibly also in regards to premarital sex behavior. Another purpose was to examine the influence of social factors such as age, gender, religion, mother's education, father's education, residence, and religiosity.

Through an extensive literature review, I learned that there is an overall lack of information and discussion about sex in Vietnam. Through focus groups, interviews, and an anonymous online questionnaire I attempt to discover if youth dating behavior matches the youth attitudes I have read in my literature review. I was surprised to see that the sexual behaviors reported in the online questionnaire differed from those reported in previous articles and in my own interviews. However, there is a constant influx of foreign movies, advertisements, and web pages advocating sex causing confusion among Vietnamese youth regarding how to fit this new world of sexuality into an old world of tradition. I ultimately conclude that in order handle various influences from society and media, youth must communicate amongst each other.

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  1. This study of dating attitudes and behaviors compares the college students from a mid-Western State University in the United States and their counterparts from.

  2. Abstract The dating behaviors, attitudes, and relationship satisfaction of a nonclinical sample of single young adult children of alcoholics.

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