Keita and ako nee kiss

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Keita Suminoe

keita and ako nee kiss

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Kiss x Sis Episode 8 Discussion

The story begins with Keita Suminoe, a male third-year junior-high school student studying for his high school entrance exams., She is a second year student and the older sister of Ako Suminoe and Keita Suminoe.

She is much shyer in person than her younger sister, as she cannot kiss Keita in front of anyone else; Miharu Mikuni states that Riko has more common sense.
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In the spirit of holidays, they're back! Read and scanned a few chapters but that was it.
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Now then. Suminoe was talking to each other in the bathroom. It was a brand new day. Keita was getting up. He yawned and got off of bed. He looked at the time.

Keita Sumione, like a lot of people, is part of a blended family. When Keita is around 5 years old his father remarries and he becomes the younger brother by a year to twin sisters. We fast-forward a decade and the five family members, mom, dad, Keita, Ako and Riko all live a very happy suburban life. The family is very loving and extremely affectionate and because this is an ecchi anime that affection is taken up one or two notches; okay, maybe 10 notches. The twins take their brocon obsession of their step-brother to the next level in this ecchi comedy that only needs to take a small step before it crosses that thin line between ecchi and hentai. We learn that she is a closet otaku and a virgin.

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  1. Keita usually asks Ako for help with his homework due to her superior grades. Keita tends to go to Ako first when it comes to apologizing, kissing, etc. Keita is.

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