Female thigh gap pictures

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female thigh gap pictures
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Thigh Gap Fitness Girl from YouTube 2 (No Sound)

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Social networks Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram all acquired various accounts and hashtags dedicated to showing off thigh gaps. Articles pointing out the dangers of the trend started appearing in early
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28 Epic Thigh Gaps In Yoga Pants

It is the thighgap trend.
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Just 100 Thigh Gaps We Thought You’d Enjoy

Relationships June 29, Having a thigh gap means there is a space between your thighs when you stand normally with your feet together.


The thigh gap is a trend in which the space between the legs of women has become a feature of attractiveness. The trend started in , brought about by ultra thin Victoria Secret models. I'm not here to argue whether or not the thigh gap is a good thing or not or if it's a legitimate phenomenon.

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