Who is cm punk dating in real life

Aj lee and cm punk dating real life

who is cm punk dating in real life

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CM Punk Loves and Hookups

When he walked away from WWE back in , his story made wrestling worldwide news and he has been stuck in the spotlight ever since. - Punk has had an encounter with Barbie Blank -

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Who is CM Punk dating? These ladies come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all women that CM Punk has either dated or hooked up with. It's not hard to get jealous of these women that CM Punk has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.
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Both Punk and Lee have burned their bridges to a possibly irreparable extent with the multi-billion dollar conglomerate, for variety of reasons. After that, they never really had any on-screen stories together.

Over the past few decades, WWE has allowed many couples to work together on WWE TV because real couples have much more chemistry than the ones that the company put together themselves. Even though there are more couples in WWE right now than ever before and this number continues to grow, there are also a number of on-screen couples that didn't decide to take their storyline relationship into the real world. Working closely together for a number of months is usually enough to allow many superstars to become more than just friends, but factors outside of the company often stood in the way of romance for some of these stars. Being on the road for more than days a year and being forced to work closely with fellow superstars often leads to sparks, but this isn't the case for every couple, otherwise, WWE wouldn't be able to create any storylines in WWE without them becoming a reality. Sometimes having to act as though you're in a relationship can lead to real feelings which in turn leads to a relationship in real life and as the WWE Universe have found out in recent years, wrestling relationships rarely have a happy ending. The following list looks at 10 on-screen couples that were in a relationship in real life, as well as 10 that decided that they worked much better as friends. Sometimes it's hard to tell which wrestlers were or weren't in a relationship since many of these stars were very good actors when they needed to be.

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  1. A.J. Mendez and fellow WWE wrestler CM Punk started dating in September relationships with wrestlers feuding over WWE's world championships, along with .

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