Its over anakin i have the high ground

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it's over Anakin i have the high ground

its over anakin i have the high ground
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High Ground GIFs

It's over Anakin. I have the high ground This duel with two lightsabers is over I HAVE AN ARMY WEHAVE A Hut IHAVE THE HIGH GROUND Mark Ruffalo Hulk .
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It's Over Anakin, I Have The High Ground by Curly

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Sokan was a principle of lightsaber combat , rather than a true form. Developed by the ancient Jedi Knights during the Great Hyperspace War , Sokan teaching revolved around using the environment itself to gain a tactical advantage in combat. Sokan involved maneuvering so that swift strokes of the lightsaber could be aimed toward the opponent's vital areas, using quick tumbles, jumps, and movements.

For years, most fans have believed that Obi-wan Kenobi was trying to save Anakin up until the very last moment. At the climax of their dramatic duel on Mustafar it seemed like the master was trying to warn his beloved apprentice, despite all that gone wrong between them. I have the high ground. A powerful new argument points out that Obi-Wan knew exactly how hot-headed Anakin was. The experienced Jedi knew his former student was proud, impetuous and arrogant, with an overwhelming sense of his own superiority. Although Obi-Wan has the higher ground, Anakin still has many options, but it's argued that he was being manipulated into making the wrong choice.

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