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Japanese idol

japanese scene girl
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Students as young as 6, dressed in easily identifiable uniforms and shouldering boxy leather backpacks, travel to school on their own, their families secure in the knowledge that Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. That peaceful assumption was shattered Tuesday morning when a man wielding two long-blade knives stabbed 17 schoolgirls and two adults at a bus stop in a suburb southwest of Tokyo, according to the police.
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JAPAN Forward

Fact checked by Robert Carlson, MD., A girl, dressed in a simple costume speaks onstage, and the audience falls silent.

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Idols are primarily singers, but they are also trained in a wide range of roles, such as acting, modeling, and appearing in variety shows. An idol's main objective is to entertain and offer an escape from daily life. Talent agencies commercialize idols by recruiting boys and girls with little or no prior experience in the entertainment industry, often as aspiring starlets with the intent of creating a passionate following.
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