Rachel mcadams hot scene

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Rachel Weisz snogs Rachel McAdams in a steamy bedroom romp in scenes from film Disobedience

rachel mcadams hot scene
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The two Hollywood actresses act out a forbidden love story in the film, which will be released on DVD on July Disobedience was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on September 10 last year, and released on April 27, in America.
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Rachel McAdams Online

Believe it or not, it was also directed by a man. I was looking for a story to tell and also act in. I was looking for a story where I could find another role for a woman.

Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz get hot and heavy in steamy romp scenes

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Rachel Weisz calls shooting 'Disobedience' sex scenes with Rachel McAdams 'scary'

In the movie, which is out later this year, the stars play lovers, who grew up in an extremely conservative Orthodox Jewish community. Rachel, 48, has described the experience of sharing intimate scenes with another woman as "lovely". She explained: "I'm always spending time with men in fictions, so for me it was just really unusual and lovely. As a woman, you're often the object of the man's desire, or he's the object of yours, but I felt like there was something just so different about the female gaze. She added: "Energetically, it was very different. We had great communication, and there was a very vulnerable, open, gentle, intelligent feeling to everything. We talked about the safety of it as well, doing a love scene.

Ronit has been living in Manhattan as a photographer. She smokes, she dresses casually, and the night she finds out the news, goes to a bar, gets drunk, and has wrenching, grief-stricken sex in a bathroom with an unidentified man. It is decided that Ronit will stay with Dovid and Esti as she pays honor to her father and wraps up the details of his life. All along, Esti has been showing signs of perhaps not totally conforming.

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  1. After the sudden death of her rabbi father, Ronit returns to the Orthodox Jewish community in London that she fled from as a teenager.

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