Hot guy cosplay

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hot guy cosplay
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Feb 8, HOT MEN COSPLAYING. See more ideas about Costumes, Hot guys and Male cosplay.
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27 Of The Hottest Guys At Comic-Con

Let's be real for a moment: female characters in nerdy media are infinitely cooler than their male counterparts in nearly every way.
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One fun thing about geeky guys is that a lot of them look even hotter when they look like their favourite characters., Hit the contact section on top of the blog!

As promised, we have finally collated the 20 hottest and sexiest male cosplayers from the Otaku House Cosplay Idol! Sorry for keeping you ladies waiting. We only wanted to show you only the hottest and worthy-screaming-over male cosplayers. Once again, this was not an easy task since there were many more female cosplayers than there were males. Get ready to gawk at abs, biceps and total sexiness! Release your girly screams while scrolling through these hotties! The rankings are in NO specific order of sexiness or cosplay ability.


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