Hot pole dance video

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Sexy Two-Woman Pole Dance [VIDEO]

hot pole dance video
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Sexy Two-Woman Pole Dance [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez is ready for her next film project, Hustlers , and as a total professional she has already put herself in the shoes of the character she will play.
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32 Pole Dancing FAILS (VIDEO)

The beauty, renowned for her slim frame before her pregnancy with daughter Lila Grace, struts her stuff in a promo for rock act the White Stripes. Moss gave birth less than a year ago, but soon shed the pounds and is seen cavorting in skimpy underwear and stilettos in the film for the band's new single. In the three-minute video she is seen writhing on a table before strutting to the pole and lithely wrapping herself around it.

And now we have video evidence, as she's made a pole-dancing music video for an edgy fashion magazine. In the video, which is directed by photographer Rankin, Heidi sings and weirdly, doesn't sound at all German like she normally does , gets tattooed although, probably not really and smokes a lot of cigarettes. The video, called Turn Up The Night, is for Hunger magazine, and can we just remind you that this woman is 38 and has four children? She's been hot for two whole decades. Heidi is single, after she announced her split from husband Seal on 23 January this year, and they filed for divorce on 6 April. They're still on good terms we think as they both attended daughter Leni's 8th birthday last week at their home in Hollywood Hills. Heidi might look hot here, but she's admitted that she doesn't have an overly complicated beauty regime.

The recent pole dance fitness craze has taken a traditional strip-club act into the realm of sport and self-expression -- but as with any athletic activity, risk of injury is ever-present, especially when you're dangling upside-down by your ankles, four feet off the ground. The dangers of pole acrobatics were made clear recently when a year-old U.

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