Naked water skiing

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Enrique Iglesias Naked: In Video Singer, Water Skiing Nude Over World Cup Win, Says "Bet Is A Bet"

naked water skiing
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Water skiing is fun and cool and fun and also cool. You can do cool tricks and get wet at the same time. To participate in this event, it is important that you know how to swim.
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Water skiing

Naked Water Skier Flies through the Air HD. This guy decides to water ski completely nude, and hits a hard wake that sends him flipping through the air.
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Two men were cited after they were seen jet skiing naked on Gull Lake earlier this month, according to a Department of Natural Resources incident report. The report said a DNR officer was called on Aug. While launching a boat, the DNR officer was told by a Cragun's Resort employee naked people on jet skis had circled one of the resort's pontoons. The employee also said a blue boat that appeared to be with the jet skis circled a sailboat, nearly capsizing it.

The singer has reportedly kept a promise and completed the nude stunt after vowing to strip off if his native Spain won the World Cup soccer tournament. Sources told gossip website TMZ - who has grainy footage of a man believed to be Enrique completing the task - the water-skiing took place "at the end of July" because "a bet is a bet". Enrique's spokesperson refused to confirm if the man in the clip is in fact the year-old singer, but admitted it was likely to be him. They said: "We do not manage Enrique's personal time schedule but we do know he was in Miami the last week of July. That is what we used to do when we were kids. Although he was happy to complete the naked challenge, Enrique made sure there were a number of conditions adhered to first.

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