Kristen bell naked house of lies

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Kristen Bell Talks About Filming Pregnant "Threesomes" With Adam Brody—Watch Now!

kristen bell naked house of lies
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Nope. She was in lingerie for one episode, and an implyed sex scene that was really tame. I'm pretty sure she's already said she'll never do.
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She curses, she gets lap dances, she makes raunchy sex jokes. For Kristen Bell's latest role on Showtime's House of Lies, it's safe to say her.
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Kristen Bell 's pregnancy isn't slowing her down—even when she had to shoot some sexy scenes on House of Lies. The mom-to-be gets steamy in the next few episodes with Adam Brody , who guest stars as the owner of an adult toy company.

Kristen Bell is opening up about filming some raunchy scenes while she was seven months pregnant with her daughter Lincoln. On last night's Conan , the year-old actress recounted shooting sex scenes with her House of Lies costar Adam Brody back when she was still with child. We make a lot of jokes about sex, there's sexual storylines. I delivered two weeks after we wrapped and there was a storyline in the second season where I, my character at work has a sex tape come out and she brings it into work and shows everybody. Bell added of Brody, "He affectionately refers to our sex scenes as threesomes because my belly was just on top of him. Is it really that gross? Bell also dished on hubby Dax Shepard and how Shepard loved her pregnancy bod.

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