Mormon erotic stories

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Secret Life of a Mormon Porn Star

mormon erotic stories

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245: Pornography, Masturbation, Sex and Marriage in Mormonism

I love to learn and listen to new things. My favorite topic lol. All people have sexual feelings and thoughts.

Keeping you current with the Mormons in the Abbottsville, California Fourth Ward - and other musings. Congratulations on your book!

I thought I could make my double life work, until meeting a fellow Mormon on set forced me to confront my own contradictions. I met Aaron on a porn set at an estate in the San Fernando Valley. Me too! It was , and I was new to both Los Angeles and the adult entertainment industry. I started call-girling, doing massages at upscale hotel rooms in Beverly Hills, then nude modeling for magazines to make cash.

The maneuver was allegedly popularized at Brigham Young University, a Mormon institution famous for insisting its students abide by church-dictated chastity. I was 21; she was She was Presbyterian, but the attachment to her virginity had more to do with not wanting to displease her father than the religious aspect of it. All of that buildup and anticipation made it super exciting. After maybe 2 minutes of just laying there as motionless as I could, I pulled out and came on her stomach. She most definitely still considered herself a virgin after that, continuing to wear the ring and alluding to it in our private conversations. We did it three or four more times after that.

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