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nude male photography tumblr
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Note: This is a blog based in the United States; as such, a large number of developments described below might be unique to the U. Today, most believe our modern society is, in terms of sexuality, the most forward-minded ever.

More on my website - www. Instagram: themaleimagephoto. Adam Gallery up on my website - www. Instagram - twitter - Facebook follow. Still posting some work safe images on Tumblr to not be censored but the bulk of my work will be making its way to my new site.

This Tumblr account helps us connect to our readers and lovers of Fine Art Photography. It is where we will direct other photographers who seek to be published so they understand the kinds of work we are looking for, and conversely what we are not looking for. You'll see we have a broad selection of work we like, from nudes, to clothed models, portraits and full bodied images, minimalist to surreal. We don't care how famous you are, what country your from, weather you are gay or straight, man or woman, or your age, though you'll need to be at least 18 to be included in our books. We actually prefer new blood over famous photographers. Our main requirement though is that your portfolio of images should be balanced or focus on the male figure.

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