Simple sexy stupid

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The Adonyx Podcast with Connor Murphy and Brandon Carter

simple sexy stupid

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SimpleSexyStupid, Making Content And YouTube His Own

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Every Thursday, I scan the subscription box all day for one single video. The content on the channel includes nearly everything I want in a YouTube channel. We all have a favorite YouTuber or show that we try to watch every week and my favorite includes Aryia the content creator , girls, advice, apparel, the Bae of the Day and sometimes Andrew Hales. Every single video includes a certain topic and triggers many emotions for me personally. The comment section of each video seems to support and add something new to the topic discussed.

He and Connor talk about how to skip the line and get into LA clubs, why college girls are more fun, his Instagame program, and why almost half of his videos are demonetized. If it can work for our friend Ben, it can work for you. Santa Barbara is also another great party town. Pro tip: party and meet girls during the day when the sun is out instead of just sleeping in. The tip is to use chill words and a chill title, and then when it gets approved… change it to be crazy. Connor also has been in the mix with creating a new music video, so expect that in the next coming months.

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