Hard core club ljubljana

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hard core club ljubljana
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Strip clubs in Ljubljana

With a name like that you can't help but smile and get in a cab and head here. The concept is simple: outstanding erotic entertainment provided by professionals in a safe environment for groups of lads of all ages and backgrounds.

With a name like that you can't help but smile and get in a taxi and head here. The concept is simple, namely outstanding erotic entertainment.
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Looking for a cool, young, city in Europe in which to let your hair down for an evening or two of partying? Then look no further, Ljubljana is your place. Over the past two years or so, this once peaceful little capital has manifested itself into a real hotspot for those looking for the great night out. It could have something to do with the outside beauty and openness of the locals, particularly the females of the species. Unlike at home, the chances of some goon in an open Ben Sherman shirt deciding that he'd like to see how soft his beer bottle is by cracking it on your head are extremely unlikely.

The Hard Core Club is the erogenous zone of the city, a place that pampers its guests with a unique environment and the comfort of a cosmopolitan pub with an original visual image. The Hard Core Club is custom tailored to suit the taste of European hedonists who despise prejudice and value relaxation. Your vote has been registered with WBSC and we will be annoucing the winners sometime in the near future, please check out the WBSC awards page for more clubs that have been voted for. Each winner willbe sent the award and featured on the WBSC website and blog. Find the city of your desire, and the strip clubs that this city has to offer.

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