Jennifers body lake scene

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Jennifer's Body

jennifers body lake scene
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Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried nude - Jennifers Body (2009)

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Jennifer's Body is a American supernatural horror dark comedy film written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama. Fox portrays a demonically possessed high school girl who kills her male classmates, with her best friend striving to stop her. As a tie-in to the film, Boom!
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Jennifer's Body Filming Locations

Despite the infamy of its "final girls," the horror genre has relatively male-oriented for many years. Combining the aspects of the horror movies with the lighthearted humor of a teen comedy, Cody created a unique take on the dark side of female friendships. Fans have touted their love for the film, helping it reach a new cult status within the horror genre.

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As a result, I now have to watch and write about thirty-one horror movies : one each night. After each viewing, I will write some things about said movies on this website. Be forewarned that all such write-ups will contain spoilers , and many of them will refer to unpleasant and potentially triggering situations. She hears something at her window, but the scene fast-forwards to the conclusion of our story. Needy is now serving time in the Leech Lake Correctional Facility, dealing with various anger-management issues.

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  1. During the marketing phase of postproduction, the pair discovered the movie in which mousy Needy Lesnicki Amanda Seyfried learns that her best friend Jennifer Check Megan Fox has been possessed by a man-eating demon was not being accurately depicted in the ad campaign.

  2. The titular Jennifer is a high school cheerleader who goes to a rock concert, where the band tries to sacrifice her to Satan in order to get a record deal.

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